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Isle of Harris Distillery

The Isle of Harris Distillery is known as 'The Social Distillery', an ethos which embraces the generous character of our island and the people who live here.

Although very much a working distillery, we open our doors six days a week, to connect with all those who want to learn more about our story and share our spirit.

A peat fire burns at the heart of the building here in Tarbert, symbolising the warmth of an Outer Hebridean welcome and the life we are bringing to our wider community.

Social Distillery 4

We opened our doors on the 24th of September 2015, celebrating this historic moment by lighting a fire in our hearth for the first time, with three generations of 'Hearaich' adding a 'fàd' of peat to the growing blaze.

That evening we threw the biggest ceilidh the Isle of Harris had ever seen, with hundreds of our local friends and family joining us for a night of music, song, and dancing in the distillery warehouse.

It is this genuine sense of community we wish to build on as the years go by. 

Social Distillery 3

We have the future of Harris at our heart, working not only to enrich our homeland, creating an enterprise that will thrive for decades and even centuries to come, but to send the magical, elusive spirit of the island out into the world. 

There is a deep belief that the island's natural assets can best be harnessed to address our acute economic problems through ambitious projects like our own, bringing this special place and its qualities to the attention of a wider audience.

We do hope that you will recognise something 'set apart' in what the Isle of Harris Distillery is doing and be inspired to participate in the realisation of this vision.

The Social Distillery